Neill MacColl and I worked on the recent film version of Far From The Madding Crowd organising and sourcing all the folk music and hymns that appear in the film. We wrote this orchestral arrangement of the folk song Let No Man Steal Your Thyme for the end roller.

This is a song on Peggy Seeger's album Everything Changes (2014). She and I wrote it together. It was a deeply painful song to write but Peggy guided me to discover what I was really trying to express, adding her beautiful sensitive music when we had finished the words. I dedicate it to anyone who has had to watch a parent suffer with dementia

Here are a couple of tunes Neill and I wrote and recorded at home on guitar, accordion and piano. The first one is inspired by the book The Little Wooden Horse which we both loved as children. We have quite a lot of other material written for this and would like to develop the music for an animated version of the book one day. If anyone out there is interested in financing this or collaborating on the visual side please get in touch! The second piece was written for our dog Banjo

Neill and I wrote this song, Floodwaters, with Chris Sheehan. I love the atmosphere of it, desolate marshlands. It is just sitting unheard in my iTunes so I thought I would share it. Neill is playing guitar and singing it. I am playing cor anglais and we all sing BVs.

Colonel Sinnot's Song Of Love is a song from my 2nd album Second Sight. The words are from a poem I discovered that was written by my grandpa Edward Stockely Sinnott for my Grandmother Violet who died young when my mother was a tiny baby.

Also from Second Sight is this song Fireworks. It was written in Nicaragua and is about an old flame.

Notti Senza Amore is an instrumental from Second Sight, a Sicilian fantasy.

Paris Skies a song from my first album Indescribable Night. A hopelessly romantic song inspired by my obsession at the time with French chanson.

Also from Indescribable Night, Green Park Blues is a duet with Georgie Fame. I was listening to Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis at the time of writing this and was interested in the combination of oboe and harmon muted trumpet as a unison sound.  

We Stay Still is a song from The Familiar, an album of my dear friend Roger Eno that I sang and co-wrote a few songs on. 

Back in the 90s I was in a group called Channel Light Vessel with Roger Eno, Bill Nelson, Larajii and Mayumi Tachibana. This is a mental but happy song from our second album Excellent Spirits, sung by Larajii and myself.